A little bit about Piney Rose...

Piney Rose is a full service floral and gift shop that takes pride in every colorful detail of each arrangement.  We strive to make our customers happy and believe in curating moments and seasons of memories that will last a lifetime. We offer daily deliveries in the local area for all occasions as well as flower subscriptions for local flower lovers and companies. Our unique arrangements reflect the creative mindsets of our team and their love for Piney Rose.

Husband and Wife duo Cullen and Taylor Handfelt brought Piney Rose to life in 2016.  Their dedication, hard work and motivation is the backbone of Piney Roses’ exceptional reputation for the freshest flowers, unique designs and outstanding customer service.  When ordering flowers for weddings or any other occasion, we assure you that your experience will be enjoyable and your flowers will be extraordinarily one of a kind.



Piney Rose symbolizes the great Pineywoods of the East Texas region and The Woodlands, a charming town in the trees, which is the place we call home.  We wanted to incorporate both a masculine and feminine side of the name, resembling the perfect marriage of the two founders, Cullen and Taylor.

"We believe in finding beauty in the everyday,
in both nature and people."

- Piney Rose

Meet Our Founders

Taylor Handfelt - Creative Director

Taylor has always had a strong passion for flowers.  From arranging, growing and studying them, she knew she wanted to turn her love of nature into a career, which is where Piney Rose was born.  She is a mom of two daughters and a wife to her husband Cullen.  Taylor comes from a family of entrepreneurs, which is where her diligent and driven work ethic comes from.  She is known for creating arrangements that speak louder than words and she knows exactly how to describe your emotions or personality in flowers, which really makes all of her arrangements powerful and personal to each client.  

Cullen Handfelt - Director of Operations

Cullen is the brain and often brawn behind Piney Rose, which comes from his extensive sales and corporate world experience.  He also draws a lot of inspiration into the company from his travels.  When it comes to running a business, Cullen strongly values impeccable customer service, which branches from his very outgoing and congenial personality.  Cullen is a proud Aggie alum, where he got his degree in Industrial Distribution.  In his free time, Cullen is an avid fisherman and loves to spend his time outdoors.

Meet The Team

Sherry Fontenot - Lead Floral Designer

Sherry is one of the most empathetic people you will ever meet.  Her heart of gold and passion for serving others makes her a key essential to Piney Rose.  Her eye for design and color makes for stunning arrangements both for daily deliveries and events. Sherry is a mom to three girls and a loving wife of 20 years to her husband, who is a police officer and business owner.  Growing up, Sherry was an army brat and got the opportunity to live all over the world and experience different cultures.  

Michelle Maggert - Lead Floral Designer

Michelle is someone that you can count on for anything. Her generosity and willingness to help others whenever she can is something that has always stayed with her while working. Michelle has a special eye for color and she knows the ins and outs of so many different types of flowers. Her knowledge and love for creating shows through in all of her arrangements. In her free time she loves to spend time with family and with her dog and she always loves gardening.



Naomi - Lead Floral Designer

Naomi is someone that is super selfless and her kindness radiates to everyone around her.  She is always someone you can depend on, whether its creating a beautiful arrangement or just helping you in the shop, she has got you covered.  Naomi’s eye for color and the relationships between certain hues make her an amazing floral designer.  She can take anything and make it beautiful.  In her free time she loves to paint and be active outside skateboarding and running. She loves working at Piney Rose because of the relationships she's grown with the team and she loves to be able to show her creativity through flowers.



Amanda Lattimer - Marketing Manager

Amanda loves to use her creativity in any way she can.  From painting to writing, she has always loved to create.  Amanda gets most of her inspiration from the outdoors and she loves to spend time near the water fishing and boating.  Amanda also loves to be with family, her bunny Willow and her puppy Wrigley.  She has a huge love for animals and has always loved collecting flowers from hikes or other outdoor excursions.  Amanda loves working at Piney Rose because everyone is so supportive of each other and it is such a positive atmosphere. She also loves learning new things everyday about certain flowers and the process of creating beautiful arrangements. 


Bekah - Floral Designer

Bekah is all smiles when she comes into Piney Rose. Her empathetic and positive personality enhances everyone’s mood and you can catch her making light out of any situation with a well-timed joke to help you lessen your load.  Bekah is happily married to her best friend Zach and loves to spend time snuggling her cat Stuart while reading a good book.  Bekah has a keen eye for design and loves to dream up new projects in her spare time to beautify tiny spaces in her home.  She loves to bring the outdoors inside her home with plants and flowers and is always out exploring and traveling whenever she has the chance.  


Regina - Customer Service Manager

Regina brightens every room she walks in and makes everyone smile with her sense of humor.  She is always wanting to help people and enjoys meeting new customers at Piney Rose.  Regina loves a good challenge that keeps her on her feet and she enjoys always having something to do.  She loves the people she works with and strives to help everyone have a great experience in the store.  Being the people person she is, Regina loves being with family and friends and is so thankful that she can be apart of the success of Piney Rose.  She loves being able to watch the dreams of Taylor and Cullen’s business come together everyday.  

Our Mission

We believe in curating moments and seasons
of memories that will last a lifetime.

We believe in love both unbridled and steady deserve recognition.

We believe in finding beauty in the everyday,
in both nature and people.

We know that no gesture of kindness is too small and that every
act of love is a reflection of the One who loved us first.

We believe in selflessness and seizing
opportunities to put your neighbor first.

We believe in taking risks and appreciating that the reward
isn’t always what you first set out for.

We believe in blazing your own trail and steering clear of comparison.

We believe it’s never to late to start new because
there is mercy in every new day.

We are lovers of flowers because they are a reminder of how
God makes all things new, how he provides for us, and how there is
a season for everything.


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