Piney Rose is a full service floral design studio that takes pride in every colorful detail of each arrangement. We strive to make our customers happy and believe in curating moments and seasons of memories that will last a lifetime. We offer daily deliveries in the local area for all occasions as well as flower subscriptions for local flower lovers and companies. Our unique arrangements reflect the creative mindsets of our team and their love for Piney Rose.

Husband and Wife duo Cullen and Taylor Handfelt brought Piney Rose to life in 2016. Their dedication, hard work and motivation is the backbone of Piney Roses’ exceptional reputation for the freshest flowers, unique designs and outstanding customer service. When ordering flowers for weddings or any other occasion, we assure you that your experience will be enjoyable and your flowers will be extraordinarily one of a kind.




Piney Rose symbolizes the great Pineywoods of the East Texas region and The Woodlands, a charming town in the trees, which is the place we call home.  We wanted to incorporate both a masculine and feminine side of the name, resembling the perfect marriage of the two founders, Cullen and Taylor.


Our Mission


We believe in Curating moments and seasons of memories that will last a lifetime.

We believe in love both unbridled and steady deserve recognition.

We believe in finding beauty in the everyday, in both nature and people.

We know that no gesture of kindness is too small and that every act of love is a reflection of the one who first loved us.

We believe in selflessness and seizing opportunities to put your neighbor first. We believe in taking risk and appreciating that the reward isn’t always what you first set out for. We believe in blazing your own trail and steering clear of comparison. We believe It’s never to late to start new, because there is mercy in every new day.

We are lovers of Flowers because they are a reminder of how God makes all things new, how he provides for us, and how there is a season for everything.