Piney Rose - Store Opening in The Woodlands


If you haven’t heard yet, we are opening a store! For the past three years we have been working to help create beautiful wedding flowers, and arrangements that help express the emotions that clients want to express to their loved ones. We have been working on building a space that we will be able to offer flowers, plants, gifts that will help you express how much you love and care for your friends and loved ones. 



For the past few years we have been running Piney Rose operations out of our home, in a small studio. We have been busting at the seems for quite sometime but wanted to scale our business responsibly.  We have been looking for a new space since March 2019 and In August we found the perfect location! We were eating dinner at the restaurant next door and as we walked to our car, we saw “for lease”  sign posted in the window. We made the call right away and the next day we got a call back from the landlord, and met with him the following day! Everything was falling into place so fast, so we went away on a quick trip to Colorado to clear our heads, pray and seek wisdom on what to do in the next steps of Piney Rose. We returned from that trip confident in our move and with a lease ready to sign! On August the 28th we signed the paper work and began the selections for our new space! This journey has felt like a whirlwind and a long awaited prayer all at the same time. Each step of the way has been an insane joyous answer to prayer. We are so grateful for the overwhelming  support of the community and our family.

Here are a few pictures we've snapped along the way... we wont be sharing anymore updates because we want you to see it in person and fully experience it! 

This was the planning phase, laying out the store to insure the customer experience was great while providing a functional space to design in. We drew everything out to scale to make sure it all fit and made since. 


Our first meeting in the space 

Cullen signing the lease! 

Getting our signature black and white stripped awnings up! 

Hope to see in all in December!! 




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Shannon & Clayton

Shannon & Clayton

Makaila & Ben

Makaila & Ben