About Us

Piney Rose is a full service floral design studio. We pride ourself on every detail from the smallest petal to the overall look and design. We deliver flowers locally for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. We have subscriptions for residential flower lovers and commercial needs. 

Established in 2016 we are a fresh spin on natures oldest beauty. Owned, operated and designed by husband and wife duo Cullen and Taylor Handfelt. Their hard work has built a reputation for Piney Rose, having exceptional quality, the freshest of flowers, one of a kind designs and outstanding customer service. Ordering flowers for a wedding or any occasion has never been easier. 


Whats in the name? 

Piney Rose is a nod to the Piney woods of The Woodlands, Texas the community we serve and call home. Piney is the masculine side and Rose the feminine side, the perfect marriage of the two founders Cullen and Taylor. 


 Taylor Handfelt

​Taylor Handfelt has had a passion for flowers her whole life, from arranging, growing and studying them. She turned that passion into a career when she opened Piney Rose Floral. She is a mom of two and a wife to her husband Cullen. Taylor comes from a family of entrepreneurs.

 She is known for creating arrangements that are meaningful to her clients, that  represent their personality or describe an emotion they can’t quite describe with words. Taylor loves creating arrangements that have the ability to express and celebrate a range of emotions and events. 



Cullen Handfelt is the brains and often brawn behind Piney Rose. Cullen has extensive sales experience and draws inspiration from his travels and his experience in the corporate world. Cullen is a people person through and though he is very outgoing and always wears a smile. Customer service is at the top of the list when it comes to running the business. He has a degree in Industrial Distribution from Texas A and M University, he's an avid fisherman and loves the outdoors. 




the team in action