Elements: In Pursuit of the Wild Hardcover

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From the editors of Rucksack Magazine: We wanted to create something that inspired and showcased beautiful imagery. That evoked nostalgia and wonder, the reason for our magazine’s existence - Storytelling. A mixture of visual and written stories, we want people to lose themselves in our pages, to explore and discover and imagine.

This book was the perfect opportunity to showcase our very real, very raw appreciation for the elements we are now so aware of. A way to celebrate the four powers of the world; fire, earth, water and air. The foundation of all that we see, of all we experience. We want to amaze, to capture a feeling of awe and wonder at our planet, on every single page.

Through a mixture of stories and photo essays, we have explored what it is about each of these four elements that are so inspiring, so breath-taking. Throughout this book, we venture into the wild in pursuit of fire, earth, water and air. We search for a way to capture the raw, untamed beauty of nature through each of its elements.

In pursuit of the wild we discover that, perhaps, these four elements were never meant to be separated. In our struggle to clearly distinguish earth from fire, air from water, we understand that they cannot truly be defined so distinctively. These elements form the landscape, but it runs deeper than this. Our planet is born of fire, air and water, formed of earth. These four blend together seamlessly into one; living, breathing, growing. And so our pursuit into the wild was one that could never be fulfilled. The world is too vast, the elements too great to comprehend; our journey remains incomplete.