Teardrop Clay Earrings


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DESCRIPTION With a trendy and very attractive shape, these dainty multicolored polymer clay earrings encompass the flourishing hues of Spring in a wearable fashion! Perfect to dress up or down, these earrings would pair well with any outfit and when you buy this Spring accessory, you purchase with purpose and help the artisan who hand-crafted them. DETAILS + Made by a refugee living in the USA + Crafted from jewelry wire and a variety of colorful polymer clay ARTISAN DETAILS When Kristen Welch, MHG Founder, visited her friend Sancha for chai tea, Sancha commented on the polymer earrings Kristen was wearing. Kristen and her daughters had been experimenting with clay. She took off an earring and placed it into Sancha’s hand. Sancha turned it over in her palm, studying it closely, and said, “I would like to learn to make these.” Her curiosity, eye for detail and determination helped Sancha quickly surpass her teacher, and today, she is a skilled polymer artist.