Trim-a-Tree Sticker Kit


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THE LIGHTS ARE UNTANGLED AND STRUNG UP WITH GLEE HERE’S WHAT AWAITS YOU: A BARE CHRISTMAS TREE! DECORATE WITH ORNAMENTS SO EASY TO STICK. I’S THE JOY OF THE HOLIDAYS IN ONE FESTIVE, FUN KIT! Introducing the Trim-A-Tree Sticker Kit, a fun activity kit made for kids or adults! Decorate your tree with the ornament stickers: you can mix and match between the classic Christmas decor or the fancy neutral baubles. It's a sweet and unexpected gift for anyone who could use a little extra cheer and some sticker fun that doesn't look like it's made for preschoolers ;) Display your beautiful tree on your desk, a shelf, the mantel, a kid's room... it's a holiday activity you can love and cherish for years to come! DETAILS • Kit includes 8x10 original watercolor tree with "pre-strung" lights (that's the worst part, amirite?) and 8x10 ornament sticker sheet • Packed in cello bag with backer with red diagonal stickers. SO cute for gifting