Winter Bulb Kit - Amaryllis


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Combat winter blues with fresh blooms. Kits are elegantly packaged in a glass vase with a metallic foiled label and include a premium bulb tucked inside recycled glass, includes grow medium and simple instructions. Just add water. This product is only available to ship between October-January. Grow Time: 6-8 weeks; Bloom Time: 2-3 weeks per bloom. Plan to grow/plant by late January to prevent spoilage. Amaryllis & Paperwhites need minimal light, which make them successful in a wide range of regions and dwellings. Amaryllis features a bright red bloom, while Paperwhites feature several delicate white flowers. You can save your bulb and start it again next year! After the final bloom of your flower fades away, cut the stem off right above the bulb. Move your plant to a warm and sunny window to encourage new leaf growth. Water regularly and fertilize the plant once monthly with a soluble fertilizer formulated for potted flowering plants.